Wealth Management

Making the complex simple and personal

Building capital requires a sophisticated approach to investment portfolios, but we seek to serve our clients with clarity and transparency.

A wealth solution for all investors

Our suite of services are designed to accommodate your financial goals – from fully managed to transactional only:

  • We can fully manage an investment portfolio on your behalf through our core Compass service
  • We can provide research-based Advice to help you to decide what to invest in
  • We can Transact for you, in most major markets and across multi asset classes


Taking care of it all on your behalf

Helping you achieve your financial goals is our primary aim. To do this we place the utmost importance on:

  • The security of your assets
  • Understanding your financial needs
  • The type of investment journey you will be comfortable with (your level of portfolio risk)
  • Respecting any restrictions you may wish to observe and providing a high level of transparency through this process.

Compass is our licensed Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS). This provides us the ability to manage your portfolio on your behalf, freeing your time for other commitments or pursuits.

We will take care of all portfolio administration including the provision of annual tax reports and report on performance both in absolute terms and against benchmarks if desired.

Our advisers utilise but are not strictly bound by our research. We trust them to understand your goals and to manage your portfolio accordingly.

Learn more about compass


Supporting you in your investment choices

Our Advice service will provide you research based investment advice and opinion while you make the decisions at each step. In addition, where our custody service is utilised, all portfolio administration, including annual tax reporting is provided.

Advice is suitable for those clients who wish to make the investment decisions assisted by their adviser and our market leading research.


Executing transactions at your request

Transact allows you to buy and sell assets, shares, bonds and currencies, in all major markets, settling via your multi-currency cash management account. Your orders will be placed by your Jarden adviser accessing our leading market execution service.

How we do it

  • 1

    Understand our client’s investment objectives, preferences and risk tolerance.

  • 2

    Define a tailored investment strategy and strategic asset allocation that best reflects these goals and appetite for risk.

  • 3

    Construct and maintain a portfolio that is in line with this investment strategy, and optimally positioned for prevailing market conditions.

  • 4

    Dynamic reporting and ongoing dialogue with our client.

Why Jarden Wealth Management?


We build personal relationships with our clients.

By getting to know you and understanding your long term financial goals, we can tailor our services to suit your personal circumstances. We pride ourselves on being flexible and bespoke.

Unparalleled excellence in financial advice.

Investment advice backed by New Zealand’s leading investor team.

Research backed decisions.

To help you get the most from your investment portfolio we draw on our market leading research and strategic alliance with global financial services firm Credit Suisse Group.

Wealth protection & performance.

We measure your portfolio’s performance using the latest technology and keep you up-to-date with regular reporting that’s clear and easy to access.

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