Communities and sponsorship

At Jarden, we are champions of New Zealand’s potential.

That’s why we partner with charities and community organisations that share our vision and align with our core values. 

Organisations that encourage the pursuit of excellence and thought leadership, cultivate respect and strive for the best outcomes for the people they serve. Organisations that believe in New Zealand’s potential and support our people, our communities and our environment to become the best they can be. Organisations committed to making a difference - and an impact.


Building financial literacy for the next generation.

Financial education and early action can have an influential impact on an individual's life. Banqer is a simulative platform that provides a hands-on environment for students to get curious and confident with money. Jarden sponsors the Banqer High Stock Exchange.

Banqer High builds financial confidence in young adults by introducing them and letting them explore financial concepts through online simulation. The Stock Exchange portal introduces students to investing through a stock market. Students can invest in a number of different companies and IPOs, tracking their progress. They’ll need to interpret data and information across Banqer High and make timely decisions to succeed in the market.

By building financial literacy and confidence at an early stage, Banqer High is having a meaningful impact on thousands of students across New Zealand.


Kiwis for Kiwi

From endangered to everywhere.

Kiwis are our national icon and entwined with our identity as New Zealanders – here and around the world we are proud to be known as kiwis. However, kiwi are in trouble. From millions a few hundred years ago now an estimated 70,000 remain. The vision for Kiwis for Kiwi is to see kiwi go from endangered to everywhere. They work with community-led kiwi conservation groups, iwi, DOC, landowners, businesses and Kiwis across the country to increase kiwi populations by 2% per year.

  • Protecting kiwi in situ (where they live). Many New Zealanders are fortunate to still have kiwi in their backyards, and have taken it upon themselves to ensure they have a safe habitat to live in. Kiwis for kiwi provides funding, support and training for the people and organisations doing this work.
  • Growing kiwi for release elsewhere. This involves using Operation Nest Egg to retrieve eggs from the wild, incubate them in captivity and release the chicks to kōhanga kiwi sites. These are predator-free sites, usually islands or fenced sanctuaries.As the site fills, some young kiwi are removed and released to safe places in the wild.
  • Developing meaningful partnerships with Māori. As kaitiaki of the land, tangata whenua are important partners in kiwi conservation.
  • Educating and engaging. Kiwis for Kiwi creates campaigns (such as Save Kiwi Month) to bring awareness and action to kiwi conservation.

 * Photo John Parker

Tania Dalton Foundation

Inspiring young people to be the best they can be, through sport.

The Tania Dalton Foundation exists to inspire young people to be the best they can through sport. The foundation, created in honour of the sporting legend whose presence would fill the room, has been established to make a meaningful difference to young people.

Sport has always played a huge part in New Zealand society. However, for many families, the cost, practical considerations and access to support, coaches and role models can represent a significant barrier. The three-year scholarship provide financial support, one on one mentoring and personal development through workshops in the areas of communication, leadership and contribution. Each recipient will deliver a project to ‘pay it 4 forward’ and continue the legacy for future generations.

Jarden supports netballer Quantelle Hira-Kapua from Taupo.