Direct Broking

Our mission is to empower self-directed investors with the right digital tools and products to achieve their investment goals. We’ll be supporting Kiwi investors by offering more varied investment products, better investment tools, and fun ways to learn about investing. Over time, Direct Broking will give self-directed investors, like you, all this and more.

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Strategic alliance with ANZ

With the acquisition of the ANZ Securities Services, we now have a strategic alliance with ANZ. This alliance means that, over time, Direct Broking investors will get to enjoy new investment services, research and other opportunities, and you’ll be able to maintain the other banking and wealth services you have with ANZ.

Future of Direct Broking

As the acquisition has now completed, Direct Broking clients are benefiting from the expertise of New Zealand’s largest and most experienced broker. As we improve the platform, every Direct Broking investor will get access to powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to research investment ideas and take action.

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Products and Services

Shareclarity Research

An example of how Direct Broking is doing things differently is our partnership with Shareclarity. This service offers Direct Broking investors free real-time research – on companies listed in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. Compare hundreds of companies including pre-IPOs and many smaller companies that are not covered by other research firms. 

Australian + New Zealand Shares

Buy or sell shares in companies listed on the NZX, USX, NXT, ASX, Chi-X. This includes Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on these exchanges. 

New Zealand Bonds

Buy or sell listed and unlisted bonds and other fixed interest securities such as debentures. 

New Share and Bond Issues

We are a leading underwriter of Initial Public Offers (IPOs) and other new share issues. ANZ is a leading arranger of new bond issues in the NZ & Australia. Direct Broking customers can invest in new issues from both Jarden and ANZ, given Jarden's strategic alliance with ANZ.

Multi-Currency Cash Management

Transfer funds between up to ten different currencies.