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Annika McGovern

Vice President Direct Intermediaries Relationship Lead

Annika may speak with an American accent, but she says you shouldn’t hold it against her. She was born in Lower Hutt, raised in Illinois and Colorado, and built her career beneath the bright lights of Denver and New York City.

Annika learned the workings of the finance world as Vice President of Investment Research Services at global asset manager, Oppenheimer Funds. She has expertise in client experience, broker relationship oversight, fund commission management and sustainable infrastructures and processes.

New York was exciting, but that carefree Kiwi childhood kept calling. Annika and her young family relocated to Auckland in 2018, where she joined the Jarden team during its acquisition of Direct Broking.

Annika takes care of Direct’s intermediary business, including operational support, client experience, and relationship management. She is excited about being involved in an execution-only business and working with the intermediaries on their business objectives and creating great outcomes for their clients.

Annika has a BS in business administration (Finance) from the University of Northern Colorado. Outside the office, she’s enjoying rediscovering the land of togs, tramping and tomato sauce, along with her unofficial part-time roles of dance Mom and McGovern family photographer.