08 October, 2020

Jarden’s ‘Save the Kiwi Day’ Aims to Help Protect National Icon

On 15 October Jarden will celebrate ‘Save the Kiwi Day,’ an initiative to support community partner Kiwis for Kiwi in its mission to take our national icon from endangered to everywhere.

New Zealand is in danger of losing its national icon within a couple of generations. Only a few hundred years ago, millions of kiwis roamed New Zealand and now an estimated 70,000 remain. Despite efforts, that number drops by 2% every year and 95% of kiwis born in unprotected areas die before they reach breeding age. 

With funds raised from across the Jarden business on ‘Save the Kiwi Day’, Kiwis for Kiwi will be able to find more wild kiwi and attach transmitters to their legs to track and monitor them. This enables them to uplift their eggs and take them to an incubation facility, safely hatch them, and then release the chicks into a predator-free environment.

Jarden CEO James Lee says kiwi are entwined with our identity as New Zealanders, but they need our support to ensure their survival.

“Jarden partners with organisations that believe in New Zealand’s potential and support our people, our communities and our environment to become the best they can be. We are proud to support the important work of Kiwis for Kiwi and to be doing our bit in giving these chicks the best head start in life.

“We hope that Jarden’s contributions and ongoing support will have a real impact on survival rates of our national icon.”

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