30 April, 2019

Protecting Neil and Teresa's nest egg

Knowing our nest egg is being prudently looked after means everything.’ Neil, Jarden wealth client

Neil, Company Director

My father passed away at 95 and his greatest love in life was going to the mailbox and poring over company prospectus and annual reports. I’m at the other end of the scale. I read the paper, I review plenty of reports in my business and I keep up with global events. But if I want the car fixed, I take it to a mechanic. I’m not going to try and second guess the market - I want specialists.

My wife Teresa and I have no children. We’ve both had careers as general managers, but we have no desire to manage our own portfolio. We’re long-term players, we don’t react to market aberrations. We’re looking for complete faith in our adviser, so we can hand over full responsibility to them to manage our investments on our behalf. 

We appreciate the security of investing with a large company, but at the end of the day, this is a relationship business. It comes down to who you want to handle your money and trusting them to manage it appropriately.

We first met David Pretorius in 2006, when we had a small investment portfolio at BNZ. He’s extremely personable and we got on very well. Over the years, our relationship developed, so when David moved to Macquarie, and then onto Jarden, we chose to follow him. 

We took our time with the second move, as we wanted to be sure it was the right step. Just before moving to Jarden, David had teamed up with Rob Hawkins and we felt comfortable that we had a ‘tag-team’, with two guys at the coal face we could trust, who in turn had the full support of a big company behind them. We’ve been extremely happy ever since. It just so happens that my father’s long-term principal broker was at Jarden too.

David and Rob have full and complete discretion over our portfolio, the maximum level of trust. We play golf here and there and I do like to keep them on their toes, but the boys do a good job and they earn their keep.

We’re in our early 60s now and knowing our nest egg is being prudently looked after means everything. We also feel the age difference is about right too - by the time we’re getting doddery, David and Rob will still be on their game!

David Pretorius


When Rob Hawkins and I moved to Jarden in 2011, we were greatly enthused when Neil and Teresa decided to follow us.

Rob and I had recently ‘teamed up’, and at Jarden our relationship with Neil and Teresa shifted from investment advisers to discretionary investment managers. That means Neil and Teresa trust us implicitly to manage their money according to an agreed mandate. Rob and I then make the investment decisions on their behalf, always in line with their risk appetite and objectives.

Up to twice a year, Rob and I visit them at home in Auckland or at their bach up north, to deliver a portfolio review report. These meetings are an important opportunity to talk with Neil and Teresa, bring them up to date with what’s happening in the market and let them know exactly how their portfolio is performing.

Some clients want to question everything, while others are happy to leave us to our own devices. Neil and Teresa are always appreciative of our efforts. They know we won’t get it perfectly right every time, but they trust us to help them achieve what they want to achieve. They’re happy to get on with enjoying their lives, leaving us to manage their money.


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