10 October, 2019

Jarden hires Wassim Kisirwani for New Zealand technology and software coverage

Jarden is pleased to announce the appointment of Wassim Kisirwani as New Zealand technology and software analyst, replacing Tristan Joll.

The appointment complements our existing equity coverage model with Credit Suisse. Jarden has a 30-year strategic relationship with Credit Suisse, where we have leveraged its long track record as a top tier Equities business, trusted and valued by clients across Australia, New Zealand and the globe.

Previously from Deutsche Bank, Wassim will cover New Zealand technology and software stocks and provide co-ordinated coverage complementary to Credit Suisse’s research.

Over the last few years Jarden’s footprint has increased as it has acquired a number of businesses.  Last year, Jarden acquired OMF, a currency  & emissions trading business that has a small office in Sydney, where Wassim will be based. We will continue to work closely with Credit Suisse as relevant and appropriate to mutually grow our businesses.

Credit Suisse and Jarden share the same vision of client and solutions focus, investing in the business to deliver better outcomes for clients. The relationship today remains as strong as ever and as market practices, corporate landscape and technology change, Jarden believes the Australia and New Zealand markets will be increasingly synchronised.  Credit Suisse and Jarden will continue to work closely together to broaden our joint offering in a co-ordinated manner to meet the increased requirements of our clients.

We remain committed to investing in our client offering and research footprint, with the goal of utilising and maximising all parts of the combined Credit Suisse and Jarden network to provide deeper coverage to our clients.

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