06 July, 2020

Jarden achieves carbonzero certification from Toitū Envirocare

New Zealand’s leading investment and advisory group Jarden has received carbonzero certification from Toitū Envirocare.

Toitū carbonzero certification requires an organisation to develop plans to continually manage and reduce their emissions, then to offset unavoidable emissions through the purchase of quality carbon credits to achieve net zero emissions.

CEO James Lee says this is an important step in Jarden’s sustainability journey. “Jarden is thrilled to officially achieve Toitū carbonzero certification, and we are going even further by holding ourselves to an even higher standard - carbon negative.”

“This means that instead of covering all the carbon emissions we make as a company (836 tonnes per year), we have a more ambitious objective to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit by purchasing double the amount of carbon credits (1675 tonnes per year.) 

Becky Lloyd, Chief Executive Toitū Envirocare, has congratulated Jarden on their Toitū carbonzero certification. “They have demonstrated their commitment to climate action by setting ambitious targets to reduce and offset their emissions. Jarden are also leading the way for the financial services community, who have the potential to drive fast and meaningful change, through responsible investment, innovative products, and bold leadership. Well done Jarden!”

Lee says “Jarden is in the business of looking into the future and forecasting investment risk, and we believe that looking after our clients’ futures means being sustainable. Toitū certification is the first step in a constant and ongoing focus on sustainability for Jarden.”

Jarden is taking a portfolio approach with its carbon credits. “We are investing in forest regeneration in both New Zealand and Australia and in international projects that can provide immediate impact for small communities,” says Lee.

Toitū’s carbonzero certification is one of the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification schemes.

Click here to see the projects our carbon credits support and the internal initiatives we have started. 

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