18 February, 2019

Creating a new retirement plan for Robin and Marion

‘As time has gone on, Lory has proven that she knows exactly what she’s doing. We have full confidence in her.’ Robin, Jarden wealth client

Robin, former winegrower

My wife Marion and I planted our first vines in 1993 and over the years built up a winery, cellar door, and restaurant. It was a true family business that we intended to pass on to our children.

Our succession plans changed suddenly when our land was rezoned future urban. With so much uncertainty, there seemed little point in continuing to develop the vineyard. So we sold it - and then had to decide what to do with the proceeds.

All of our money had been tied up in the business, so we had no experience investing on the financial markets. We were also used to having 100% control over our assets, so there was some anxiety around what we were going to do.

Lory helped us feel confident that we were making the right decisions. It was important to me to understand what was happening with our money and Lory was very good at explaining and helping me learn about different instruments.

She came up with a balanced portfolio that provides us with income and growth possibilities, while allowing us the flexibility to free up money for family, travel and other projects as necessary. 

She is authentic and real, and as time has gone on, Lory has proven that she knows exactly what she’s doing. We have full confidence in her.

Lory Luo, Wealth Management Adviser

When I first met Robin and Marion, they had just sold the family vineyard and were about to embark upon retirement. Winemaking had been their sole focus for the previous 20 years, and investing was completely new to them.

Every client is different, so to create the right solution, I needed to understand what they were trying to achieve. I visited Robin and Marion at the vineyard and listened to their stories. I learned that supporting their family, doing good for the community and ethical investing were really important to them.

We were able to come up with a plan that enabled them to do all of these things, alongside providing for their retirement. Robin is actively interested in how the market works and asks lots of great questions, so over the years I have sent him copies of textbooks and other materials to help develop his understanding.

It is a big step to trust someone with your life savings and a responsibility that I take very seriously. The market will always go through ups and downs, so I make sure I keep in close contact with my clients, regardless of how the market is performing.

I was delighted when Robin and Marion not only took the step to invest with me, but followed me to Jarden in 2018. To me, that says we are in this together, for the long haul.

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