18 February, 2019

Building a legacy for the children

'This is about building up an inheritance for our children. It’s good to be able to see it working.’ - Dave, Jarden wealth client, Hawkes Bay

Dave, retired farmer

When I was a child, my grandmother gave me £100 in a portfolio managed by the Public Trust, so I’m fortunate that right from the start, I had a little bit invested.

I was also privileged to be helped into farming by my father. Over the years, the value of that farm had grown enormously. When I retired from farming in 2014, I wanted to do something to help my children with their own mortgages, by sharing some of their inheritance while they were still young.

My wife and I invested the balance of our money with two different investment firms. After a year, we could see that the Jarden portfolio managed by Brent Greig, was going very well indeed.

In the past I have dealt with several financial advisers, and Brent is just streets ahead of all of them. He is such a nice person to deal with and we both enjoy our quarterly catch ups. Even though he sends me more information than I’ve ever had, it’s nice to go through it face-to-face. Of course some investments do better than others, and if something is not working he’s always happy to take it on the chin. 

Three years ago we gave each of our children $100,000 as an education fund for their own kids. Three of our children invested with Brent and they have averaged an annual return of around 12.5 percent. My portfolio has also grown by around 55 percent over nearly five years.

My wife and I can live relatively well without diving into our funds. For us, this is about building up an inheritance for our children. It’s good to be able to see it working.

Brent is a good, caring family man and super supportive of his children. It is most enjoyable dealing with Brent and his assistant Carly.

Brent Greig
Director, Wealth Management Adviser

Like many of our clients,  Dave came to see me on a recommendation from an existing client, in this case a member of his family. He had retired a few years earlier and sold his farm in Hawkes Bay. Although he already had funds invested elsewhere, he wanted to bring some funds to Jarden and give us an opportunity.

We manage Dave’s portfolio on a discretionary basis, so we have full decision-making authority over his investments.  Every quarter, we get together to review his portfolio and explain the rationale behind our decisions.

Some advisers invest predominantly in funds, so clients can’t always tell exactly which companies they are investing in. At Jarden, we specialise in direct investments, backed by our extensive research capabilities, relationships and market knowledge.

This means that we invest our clients’ money in listed companies on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges, as well as international markets, and clients can see exactly what’s in their portfolio. We’re able to give a thorough update, using both Jarden’s local research and the research of our offshore partners, to explain how we have formed our view. This makes it easier for clients like Dave to understand our decisions, and I know he appreciates the transparency and openness of our reporting.

Over time, we’ve built a strong relationship of mutual respect, trust and friendship. The beauty of this business is that if you’re doing a good job, people will tell their friends, colleagues and family. Dave has always been a great proponent of our work and now his children are our clients too. He wanted me to meet his children, so we could support his family and create a relationship that endures even beyond his lifetime. 

That’s a wonderful privilege and also a responsibility. I would never want to let them down, and when you feel as strongly as that, it fuels you to do the best job you possibly can. 


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