17 February, 2019

Advising Through the Circle of Life

‘I’m fortunate that my story fits the ideals of a young person, where you start young, take risks, hopefully make a success in life and then sit back and enjoy the rewards’ Denis, Jarden wealth client

Denis, retired dentist, North Island

I first met Ralph when he was a young man beginning his career in financial services. He is a close friend of my younger son David, and they are very similar in age, attitude and spirit.

At the time, I had a dental practice in Invercargill. After a few years, I found I was having trouble managing all the work of looking after the practice, as well as handling our financial affairs which included a small holding of shares. I was also looking to build capital for our retirement, so David suggested I get in touch with Ralph.

That was the birth of our friendship and we’ve now worked closely together for more than 25 years. It has been a very enjoyable and intelligent relationship. We speak two or three times a week to discuss the business aspects of my investments and global events. We also meet around once a year to review my portfolio and have a robust discussion around what we have and haven’t done.

Ralph is open, considered and direct. He has been very successful in managing my portfolio and has grown the investments considerably to six or seven times the original sum. I’m very happy with those results.

I enjoyed taking the odd gamble 20 years ago, but now that I’m retired we operate my trust on the basis of no-risk investments.  I’m fortunate that my story fits the ideals of a young person, where you start young, take risks, hopefully make a success in life and then sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Sadly, my first wife was ill for the last ten years of her life. She was very taken with Ralph and the way he looked after us both throughout that time, by managing our trust.

I remarried about 18 months after she passed away, after unexpectedly finding a connection with my former sister-in-law. She was my brother’s widow and had been on her own since his death some 25 years before. Ralph was very accepting of our relationship and became our adviser as we brought our financial dealings together.

It was all very well handled and I think this is a mark of Ralph’s character. He is more than an adviser and more than a friend - he is a member of our family.

Life has many hills and hollows. My father died when I was 18, and I have been very fortunate to cross paths with people who became mentors for my well being and my family’s welfare, including my bank manager, solicitor, accountant and my financial adviser, Ralph. I look back with gratitude and thanks to them all.

Ralph Goodwin
Director & wealth management adviser

Denis was one of my first wealth management clients. We began working together at my former practice in 1992 and he followed me to Jarden, in 1999.

Denis had a good income as a dentist and looking to build his retirement capital. He already had reasonable knowledge of the sharemarket, so from the outset he was keen to understand - and sometimes counter - my investment hypotheses and recommendations.

Many wealth management clients want an adviser who will take care of their wealth for them, managing their money with full discretion. While that has become an increasingly significant part of my business in recent times, I also value maintaining a very long standing relationship with a client like Denis who chooses to take a more active role in their investments.

Denis is intelligent, extremely thorough and a macro thinker with a keen interest in global issues, so he brings a lot of rigour to our discussions.

While Denis is now focused on enjoying his retirement, he still actively contributes to the exchange of ideas around how best to achieve his goals. My respect for his knowledge and his understanding of what we are trying to achieve has led to a wonderful working relationship, a strong friendship and many enjoyable conversations.

As the years have passed, we have grown together and Denis respects the development of my knowledge and expertise. The longevity of our relationship is such that we can talk about issues we would never have discussed 25 years ago.

As senior financial advisers, I believe we have a wonderful opportunity to think of ourselves as intergenerational custodians of our clients’ money. We’ve got to look past this year’s numbers and past the current trustees, to consider the needs of the next generation.

This is the circle of life. When you’ve studied the market for 30 years or more, you know how to bear the volatility. When you have the backing of a strong and stable business like Jarden, you can prompt trustees to think strategically and make decisions with the next 10 or 20 years in mind. 

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