29 September, 2020

People Focus: Samantha Patchay

Samantha Patchay    

Vice President, Designer

As a UX Designer at Jarden, Samantha works to ensure Jarden’s technology works smoothly and intuitively to help clients reach their investment goals.

Samantha began her career in web design and quickly found her niche in the area of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) – making sure technology meets people’s needs, without headaches and hassles. At Jarden, she finds out what clients need from technology and design, and delivers smart, user-friendly solutions.

She has a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Arts in political science and French language and literature from the University of Waikato. She is a keen photographer and artist.

What drew you to Jarden?

I’m really interested in the idea of transforming the mentality of investing in New Zealand and helping more Kiwis get involved in the market. At the time I joined, Jarden was at the beginning of a big push to expand its digital footprint. It’s exciting to be here at a time of growth and change – the digital team is more than five times bigger now.

Tell us about your role.

I work with Direct Wealth, so my role is about looking at the hurdles that people face in the investment journey. We might look at why they are not currently investing, and how we can use technology and design to get them over that hurdle and start investing.

Colleagues may come to us with a problem, or some aspect of tech that isn’t working quite as well as it should. While we might have an idea of how this problem can be solved, the most important part of UX is understanding the real problem from the client’s perspective. That’s why we use research, surveys and feedback to gather that information.

Then it’s about ideating a technological solution and communicating with stakeholders and clients to make sure it meets their needs. Only then do we begin creating a design, using wireframing and building prototypes.

When we’ve created a potential solution, we go back to clients and stakeholders and ask: Will these features make it easier for you to invest?

How do you measure the success of your design?

We don’t just tackle one project and move on. The project never finishes because there are always opportunities to do more.

We take a proactive approach, looking at analytics and user journeys through the platform to find out which features are successful, and find areas to improve. Which interactions are clients choosing? If they’re not using a certain feature, why not? Could it be improved to be more useful, or is it just not valuable at all?

We also look at the scale of any problem. Does it affect just one client or many clients, and how valuable will any potential changes be to the business?

Where do you find the most satisfaction in your role?

I love solving problems and knowing that what I’ve done has achieved something. I like that my work has a strong purpose and I like to see that it has added value for the client.

I also really enjoy being part of the journey to change the conversation around investing. I think it should be easy for anyone to invest in the market. Investing should be something we can all discuss openly with our friends over dinner.

What’s special about working at Jarden?

One of many reasons I love Jarden is the team culture. In the digital area we work like a family. We have a focus on long-term project teams which means you can be working with the same people for a few years, so you create strong working relationships. Jarden empowers the team to make decisions, which has allowed me to try new ideas and take on responsibility early in my career.

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